Living My Legacy Daily...

Is a loving call to self action to live in daily conscientiousness of ourselves, our actions, intentions, aspirations and dreams. To live daily, giving breath to words, character, and values that we believe about ourselves, giving réal energy to how we want others to expérience us and action to what we want our loved ones and the world to remember about us.  It is realizing that our legacy is a sum total of our daily lives, our daily actions, daily words, daily thoughts and deeds. It is realizing that we should be intentional about creating our legacy, commit to being our legacy and active in living our legacy daily.  It is also a healthy exercise at aligning the belief of ourselves with our daily existence.

'​Live Your Legacy Daily…join us
In this digital âge, thé world is inflamed and overwhelmed with thé ever active social media landscape, which I like to call, in most cases, social distraction.  Yes, I have also fallen prey, but no more will I be distracted by the abundance of anonymous images that float around the digital galaxy.  Social media has driven the masses to be overly occupied with the lives of others; leaving less time to invest in ourselves.  We have become experts at judging others; leaving a deficit in analyzing ourselves. We have become master creators of virtual illusion; leaving us insensitive to, and less focused on our personal reality.  "Living My Legacy Daily" is the ultimate "selfie" on the deepest level. It's purpose is to call us in to action to focus on our true self actualization. Let's use social media to make a positive and productive proclamation about ourselves and let's stop hyper focusing on others. Join us by uploading images that reinforce "the legacy you're living daily" and if you don't like the legacy you're living--Change it! Look out for our 21 day challenge coming soon and more tools forcreating a legacy that is intentional and one that you are proud you created. #LIVINGMYLEGACYDAILY   

With Love,

Ava Lizzette


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