Are You Living Your Legacy?

Welcome to  "Living My Legacy Daily". Our special space is a loving call to self (action) to live in daily conscientiousness of our thoughts, words and deeds.  To be conscious that our daily actions lead directly to the legacy we will leave, intentional or not. So why not be intentional about how we show up in our daily lives, why not be intentional about how our loved ones will experience us and ultimately, why not be intentional about how we will be remembered--our legacy? Let's make every action one that we are proud of because it takes us closer to the legacy we want to leave. My hope is that this space will encourage and motivate intentional daily actions that align ourselves with who we believe we are and who we want to become.  Lastly, that we are  all awakened to the opportunity of fully participating in the path to getting to the legacy we want to leave.  

Living My Legacy Daily,

Ava Lizzette,

Chairman and CEO,

Ava Lizzette Living, LLC

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Living My Legacy Daily...

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